Robotic Workstations – Key trends towards increasing capacity

Employee retention is critical and reducing repetitive tasks improves the work experience. Let low cost, flexible robots handle these tasks and ensure manufactures can utilize their valuable hires in more sophisticated, satisfying work.  New robot designs in machine loading are implemented at an unprecedented rate to help achieve this higher standard of employee and manufacturer satisfaction.

Trend Toward Pre-Engineered Solutions

Machine loading applications have key similarities that are perfect for pre-engineered solutions.  Manufacturers of solutions like the EasyTend have fully engineered, documented, and tested their products to fit a broad array of applications.

The development costs for pre-engineered robotic workstations are amortized over many installations so the install costs can be significantly lower than one-off installations.  Manufacturers can purchase proven solutions and implement quickly.

Application Trends

Manufacturers are utilizing robotic solutions for

Loading / Unloading of

  • Quality Test Stations
  • CNC Grinding Machines
  • CNC Mills & Lathes


  • Welding
  • Sanding / Deburring

And many more.

Robotic solutions are flexible – perfect for low quantity, high variability repetitive applications.

Capacity Increases

Increasing capacity is key to helping manufacturers with competitive pressures and the EasyTend offers a quick low cost solution.
Instead of a valuable employee wait on the CNC Machine through three shifts, load-up the EasyTend buffer tray once to accommodate all three shifts.
Supervise the work and free your employee for additional value.