Control Panel Builder – Trends for Smart Manufacturers

As staffing pressures continue to increase, manufacturers are focusing efforts on their core strengths.  Building control panels require in-house staff to:

  • Build & maintain knowledge of latest control components
  • Learn electrical standards like NEC, UL, CSA and CE
  • Learn, maintain, and design with electrical CAD systems
  • Purchase and maintain inventory
  • Hand cut, deburr, and paint electrical enclosure
  • Hand cut conductors, apply markers and ferrules
  • Purchase and maintain labeling equipment (Engravers, Thermo)

Utilize Mechatronic Systems’ investment in engineering staff, software, machinery and inventory to provide 2D/3D designs, CNC quality machining and machine quality wire preparation for significant cost savings and increased quality. Keep in-house staff focused on the business.


Standardization plays a crucial role in minimizing the costs of Industry 4.0. Smart Manufacturers are partnering with panel builders that specializes with the component manufacturers and their technologies. Intimate knowledge of the next-gen network communications saves significant money from a misstep in the roadmap.


The standardization of Pre-Engineered systems offers significant saving over one-off engineered design. Engineering and setup fees are amortized over many builds instead of one. Pre-Engineered systems include:

  • Data Aggregation Station
  • Operator Login Station
  • Controller & Motion Control System
  • Robot Control System
  • Mobile Robot Fleet Management
  • AND More!

Starting down the path to becoming a Smart Manufacturer requires a Trusted Technology Partner.  Give us a call to start the journey today.