Industrial Internet of Things.

Are you an industrial manufacturer that is migrating towards smart manufacturing or Industry 4.0?

Sensors, Gateways and UL 508A-Certified Electrical Enclosures

Industrial manufacturers partner with Mechatronic Systems because we meet their top Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) challenges. One of those challenges is gaining insights from hundreds or thousands of devices and pieces of equipment spread across thousands of square feet of warehousing and production space. To become a smart manufacturer, you must integrate siloed data. That requires a sensor on each piece of equipment, and software to collect, analyze and present that data. That’s where we can uniquely help.

Our IIoT Solutions

At Mechatronic Systems, we are a Telit partner that helps you connect, manage and secure your IIoT deployment. We supply the sensors, gateways and other hardware you need to connect your shop-floor equipment to wired wireless (LoRaWAN) networks and start getting the most from your smart manufacturing.

The Mechatronic Systems EasyIIoT electrical enclosure is UL 508A-certified and attaches to your industrial manufacturing equipment so that monitor performance and status remotely from a single dashboard.

Why Leading Industrial Manufacturers Use Our

IIOT Solutions

Vendor Agnostic

Our sensors, gateways and hardware work with equipment of all kinds and brands. There is no vendor lock-in with us.

Local Expertise

We bring smart manufacturing expertise to industrial manufacturers in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia.

UL 508A Certified

Our EasyIoT electrical enclosures are certified to UL 508A standards.

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