Do you need an electrical control panel or enclosure for one of your products?

Manufacturers partner with Mechatronic Systems because
we uniquely meet their top electrical control panel challenges.

UL508A Custom Control Systems

We established Mechatronic Systems in 2015 because manufacturing companies were struggling to find panel builders that could build high-quality, high-volume systems.  PLUS provide the engineering team to help them with certified product knowledge and application experience.

With Mechatronic Systems, you get a state-of-the-art panel shop that can handle all your needs.

What’s Your



Designing and building a UL certified enclosure is a difficult, complicated process where an expert could help.


You lack the controls engineers and other specialists you need to build your own electrical control panels.


You’ve allocated capital towards core areas; rather than costs required to purchase, maintain and use electrical CAD systems and CNC machines.


You currently manufacture your enclosures manually, a time-consuming process that can’t keep pace with your production goals.


Hand tools and manual processes means your product quality is at higher risk of inconsistency and lack of repeatability.


Your team isn’t fully documenting the systems or using a CAD package not designed for electrical schematics

At Mechatronic Systems, we manufacture custom-engineered, fully documented, UL508A-certified electrical control panels and enclosures for manufacturers large and small.

We have experienced controls engineers who ensure that your control panel meets your strict requirements and UL standards at the same time. We manufacture your control panels and enclosures using CNC machines & automated equipment that are customized for panel building. For companies looking to reliably and cost-effectively continue their automation journey and enhance competitiveness, Mechatronics Systems leverages deep domain expertise and expert product knowledge to deliver superior solutions.

We specialize in electrical control panels, so you don’t have to. We take care of the entire process—from designing to engineering to prototyping to manufacturing to testing and quality control—so that you concentrate your resources and time on your core business.

With Mechatronic Systems, all the expertise you need is under one accountable entity. You get access to our engineering expertise, decades of experience, UL certification credentials, and our state-of-the-art electrical CAD and automated CNC processing all rolled into your electrical control panel. We specialize in the top brands (such as Mitsubishi Electric, Universal Robots, MiR and Festo), which means you benefit from unmatched value, experience, and expertise.

Why You Should Use Our


Your customers depend on your products. That’s why you can depend on ours.

Custom Engineered

If your product needs an electrical control panel you can’t buy off the shelf, that control panel must be custom engineered to your unique demands, tolerances & specifications.

It will be.
UL508A Certified

Offering your customers a water-tight warranty is a lot easier (and less costly) when the electrical control panel it uses is engineered to pass strict UL508A certification standards.

It is.

To minimize scrap, re-work and customer complaints, you need electrical control panels manufactured with CNC processes that eliminate hand work to ensure repeatable quality.

Ours are.
Fully Documented

When safety and customer satisfaction are at stake, you literally cannot afford to build electrical enclosures or use electrical control panels that are not fully documented.

Ours are.
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