Best practices for implementing robotic workstations

Automating repetitive processes with technologies such as robotics offers the opportunity to achieve production goals more efficiently.  Robotics offers a faster, more accurate process for an organization and can operate 24×7.  The ROIs on these types of systems are significant and breakeven points are short.

Robotic automation is enabling organizations to release workers from time-intensive, mundane processes to focus their talents on more strategic activities.

Interested in implementing robotics in applications like machine loading for your company?
Let’s consider some key steps and challenges:

  • Employee Concerns
  • Choosing a Robotic Partner
  • Variability of Application
  • ROI
  • Financing
Mitigating Employee Concerns

In our experience we find that in most cases the employees most directly effected by the robotic installation will thank us for saving them from the mundane task.  Many times, these tasks are being performed by a key employee that is chosen for the task because they care about the company and are willing.  However, it is still a good practice to communicate with your employees and stress that they are hired for their brains, not to move parts from point A to point B.  This automation will allow the company to operate smarter and the employee will have a greater strategic value.

Choosing a Robotics Partner

Over the years, the automation highway is littered with companies with good intentions that chose to automate on their own.  Many of them entered these endeavors with very little robotic or automation experience and sometimes even without an engineering staff.  While the concept of moving an object from point A to point B seems easy, there are pitfalls, complexities, and concepts that an untrained, inexperienced person can never anticipate.

Additionally, there are many third-party companies that are lured into robotics and present themselves as a qualified turnkey supplier.  While some of these are very competent companies, some are not, and you’ll need to evaluate their investment into the technology.

Mechatronic Systems was established to be focused on the robotics business and it is core to our existence.

Our customers commonly want to train their staff on this new technology, so we’ve invested in a certified training center to accommodate.  Knowledge is power and companies are typically eager to train their employees.

Variability of Application

Historically, robotic technology was focused on businesses with large production runs and precisely positioned parts, such as automotive manufacturing. More recently, the technology is evolving to handle more variability and smaller production runs. The entire collaborative robot market is focused on easier to implement robots that can be as simple as wheeling over the machine to begin a new function.


It’s important for executives to evaluate the return-on-investment of an equipment purchase to be sure it will be profitable for your company. To provide tangible data helpful in your evaluation – at no cost to you – we utilize a reliable ROI calculator based on the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) guidelines, utilizing simple data like fully loaded wage, hours of equipment operation, etc.


Your goal is to find the right financing offering for your organization.  Whether it’s a CAPEX purchase or financed, there are more options than ever.  With numerous payment plans and end-of-term options, we make it easier and more affordable to leverage cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

About Mechatronic Systems’ Services

Mechatronic Systems helps clients successfully invest in robotic machine loading applications. We’re here to simplify these challenges by leveraging our dedication, experience, and training. We strive to become your Trusted Partner for robotics automation.