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Companies with large warehouse and logistics operations partner with Mechatronic Systems to meet their top mobile robot challenges.
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What’s Your

Top Mobile Robot Challenge?


You are experiencing too many avoidable incidents caused by forklift drivers.


You cannot find licensed and experienced forklift drivers because of widespread labor shortages.


Conveyors and fixed material handling systems aren’t as flexible as mobile robots.


Taking products from the aisles to their homerun destination takes forklifts out of commission for too long.

Mechatronic Systems is a leading provider of autonomous mobile robots and related solutions.
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At Mechatronic Systems, we supply, install and integrate autonomous mobile robots for manufacturing, warehouse and logistics applications.

We are your local partner for the Denmark-based Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) brand of autonomous internal transportation and material handling robots. We manage the two greatest obstacles to a successful deployment: software and integration.

Today’s autonomous mobile robots are too complex for most companies to successfully install and integrate themselves. And the software that robot companies use to manage their fleets does only 50% of the work.  Our team is highly trained and has years of experience autonomous mobile robots.

You could purchase a robot yourself, but getting it to reliably work around your specific environment and navigate safely presents risks and hurdles. That’s where we come in.

Leading Manufacturers Rely On Our

Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions

One Source

We deliver all the equipment, installation, integration, hardware & software to get up & running with MiR robots.


We get you operational and productive with MiR mobile robots faster.


We integrate the MiR robots into your facility with worker and facility safety as priority number 1.


Our EasyDocks are manufactured in the US, so you pay less for shipping, and pay zero duties.


Our service engineers run diagnostics, perform program changes & tweak your fleet remotely from the cloud.


We analyze your historical data to spot trends and anomalies to optimize your fleet performance.

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