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Manufacturers partner with Mechatronic Systems because we meet their top cobot machine tending and collaborative robot cell needs.

What’s Your

Top Production Challenge?

Low Throughput

You aren’t manufacturing the quantities of parts you need due to operator lethargy or fatigue.

Worker Shortage

You lack the workers to tend machines because of labor shortages beyond your control.

Inconsistent Quality

Your product quality is inconsistent because manual machine tending techniques vary.


Worker injuries are a constant worry because manual machine tending is hazardous or not ergonomic.

Mechatronic Systems is a leading provider of smart manufacturing & logistics solutions.

At Mechatronic Systems, we pre-engineer, manufacture and test integrated collaborative robot tending cells. Our pre-engineered Easy brand of robotic solutions gives you quicker ROI than buying custom solutions or building one yourself.

Unlike large integrators that only deliver one-off, custom solutions per robot on your line, we take a pre-engineered approach to collaborative robot tending cell design. Our tending cells are machine-agnostic, fully integrating with your current machines and processes. Our unique approach costs less and gets you up and running sooner.

Our EasyCare service puts hardware inside your robotic workstations so that our engineers run diagnostics, perform program changes and make tweaks to your robot remotely from the cloud.

Why Manufacturers Use Our

Pre-Engineered Collaborative Robot Cells

Faster ROI

You go from purchase order to commissioning sooner with our pre-engineered systems.

Lower Cost

You save money by avoiding the expense of building your own one-off solution.

Consistent Quality

You maintain consistent, repeatable product quality throughout robotic automation.

Increased Productivity

You free up workers from mundane & repetitive tasks to work on value-added tasks.

Improved Safety

Worker injuries will decrease because machine tending is automated.

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