EasyTend Bravo
EasyTend Bravo
EasyTend Bravo
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EasyTend Bravo
EasyTend Bravo
EasyTend Bravo


Equip your machine or machining center with an EasyTend to free up employees for more valuable tasks.

  • Pre-engineered design provides a cost effective solution to save you time during construction, assembly, and commissioning.
  • Three, modular removable platforms to hold trays or processing stations
  • Includes our EasyCTRL so it’s ready to interface with external IO and safety systems.
  • Includes our EasyCare package so we can assist your team remotely
  • Optional Installation and Tray / Gripper Tooling, are available

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Pneumatic Valves 4- 5/2 Single Solenoid
Pneumatic Filter, Regulator 1- 1/4” Ports
Blow-Off Nozzles 2- Vortec 1201
Cable Sleeves 1- Hook & Loop Set
LED Stack Light 1- Red, Amber, Green
Wiring Disconnect, 16 pin 1- Disconnect & 50 ft cable
MS-ET-B3-R3-P1-V1-S0-G21-EC2-X1 Bravo Model
MS-ET Mechatronic Systems EasyTend
-B3 Model (Bravo, 3 platforms)
-R3 Robot – UR10e
-P1 Teach Pendant, Standard
-V1 Power Input: 115VAC, Single Phase
-S0 Safety Radar not included
-G21 Dual Electric Parallel Gripper (CoPilot)
-EC2 EasyCare Hardware
-X1 English
FLIER EasyTend-Bravo Download